TK Skinner

The Sisters

TK Skinner - The Dominant Duo

Following the success of their first singles “Apparition” and “Crying,” and completing Towson University, at the start of the Millennium, the sisters chose to tap into their talents of singing and songwriting, professionally, and semi-relocated to Los Angeles, California (Century City).  Staying for four summers, they promoted their older singles after upgrading the lyrics and melody and caught the eyes, and ears, of Ernesto Phillips and Renee Diggs of “Longevity Records.” This collaboration created a newly recorded “Apparition” fully produced and arranged by TK Skinner.  The sisters also had the pleasure of recording a club mix of "Apparition" produced by Derek Willie chief arranger and engineer of Art of Music Studios (Virginia).  2004 saw the creation of Let's Change Records, an Indie record label formed by their mother Diana Skinner, and a feature on the homepage of Baltimore’s Fox 45’s webpage as well as a cover feature on Fox 45's Fall Preview Magazine.  2006, ushered in a collab with Jim "Pinky" Beaman at Big3 Records in St. Petersburg, Florida where the duo released an unplugged EP filled with their vaulted tracks entitled “Organics.”  Their 2013 release “Dreamer” showcased the sisters’ enormous talents as musicians, singers, producers, arrangers, and songwriters.  Currently, TK Skinner are registered members of ASCAP, WAMA, Global Songwriters Connection, and SONGWRITER’S GUILD OF AMERICA.  To date, they have worked with artists all over the globe, and they are involved in every stage of their productions.  They have an international fanbase (online and offline) that could easily fill Wembley Stadium, and it continues to grow.  Under their established brand sits their developing Independent record label (Let's Change Records), ASCAP-registered publishing companies, PR (Klef Notes), music, and merchandise that is soon to house apparel and beauty products.  

Talent comes first.....Image comes last…..Live your Dreams!